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ANNAM Traditions

Cast Iron Tawa

Cast Iron Tawa

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 Weight Diameter (in cm)
2.40 Kg 28.5 - 31


Annam Traditions' Cast Iron cookware - Perfect addition & a must-have in every kitchen!

Made with heavy-duty cast iron, Annam Tradition’s cast iron cookwares are one of the best money can buy!

All of Annam Tradition's Cast Iron Cookware comes pre-seasoned, so they are ready to use out of the box. Annam Tradition’s cast iron cookwares are seasoned in the traditional and natural way using vegetable oil, making it chemical-free, completely safe for cooking!

All of Annam Tradition's Cast Iron Cookware products are pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, which makes it naturally non-stick. No harmful chemicals or coatings are used!

Cast iron adds iron to your food naturally, which in turn, helps with iron deficiency. So, it’s a truly healthy tawa!


Make the crispiest and most delicious dosas, rotis, parathas, eggs & other dishes with our Cast Iron Tawa.

A great thing about cast iron cookware is that it is versatile and you can use it on the stove, an oven, a grill or even a campfire!

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between cast iron and iron cookware?

Cast iron utensils are heavier and tougher than sheet iron cookware. They won't get scratched easily or damaged.

Once you use and season cast iron cookware regularly, they get naturally non-stick finish.

Cast iron lasts longer and you can even pass it down to generations.

How to use Cast Iron cookware?

All of “Annam Traditions” Cast Iron cookware products are pre-seasoned & ready to use. You can just wash the product and start using it.

- Use water and a soft sponge to clean the cast iron product.

- A mild soap can be used to clean the cast iron product if you desire.

- Once it is clean, dry the cookware completely. You can also place it on some heat to completely dry the water.

- Always pat dry the product before storing it. Do not leave the cookware in the sink for too long to prevent rusting of iron.

How to season Cast Iron cookware?

All of “Annam Traditions” cast iron products are pre-seasoned & ready to use. If you want to re-season the product you can follow the steps below,

  • Wash and pat dry the products. (You can also heat in the stove mildly to remove any water)
  • Once it is dry, apply cooking oil all over. Heat the product under medium flame for 4-5 mins.
  • After 5 mins, switch it off and let it cool down completely.
  • Once it is done, use a soft cloth or tissue to wipe away the excess oil.
  • Store the product in a dry place.


How to clean & store Cast Iron cookware?

  • Wash Cast Iron cookware with soapy water & a scrub pad.
  • Heat it mildly on a gas stove until completely dry.
  • Apply cooking oil all over to prevent rusting.

Customer Reviews

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Jayanthi Madhavan

Maintaining the tawa without water is little bit difficult. Product is ok