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Cast Iron Fry Pan - 10 Inch

Cast Iron Fry Pan - 10 Inch

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Product information
Dimensions : 35cm*25cm*2.5cm
Diameter - Outer : 25cm
Diameter - Inner : 22.5cm
Height : 2.5cm
Weight : 1.70Kg

Cast Iron cookware - Perfect addition & a must-have in every kitchen!

Made with heavy-duty cast iron, Annam Tradition’s cast iron cookwares are one of the best money can buy. It is definitely worth the buy for its health benefits, heat-retention and easy to use nature.

Cooking in a cast iron can be the best experience for you if seasoned and maintained well.

Annam Tradition’s cast iron cookwares are seasoned in the traditional and natural way using vegetable oil, making it chemical-free, completely safe for cooking, and ready to use!

Make the most delicious fish fry, chicken, paneer & other dishes with our cast iron fry pan.

A great thing about cast iron cookware is that it is versatile and you can use it on the stove, an oven, a grill & a campfire.

An added benefit is that is naturally non-stick. The more you use it, the smoother and non-sticky it gets. 

How to use?

All the “Annam Traditions” cast iron products are pre-seasoned & ready to use. You can just wash the product and start using it.

  1. Use water and a soft sponge to clean the cast iron product.
  2. A mild soap can be used to clean the cast iron product if you desire.
  3. Once it is clean, dry the cookware completely. You can also place it on some heat to completely dry the water.

Always pat dry the product before storing it. Do not leave the cookware in the sink for too long. This prevents rusting of iron.

How to season?

All the “Annam Traditions” cast iron products are pre-seasoned & ready to use. If you want to re-season the product you can follow the steps below –

  • Wash and pat dry the products. (You can also heat in the stove mildly to remove any water)
  • Once it is dry, apply cooking oil all over. Heat the product under medium flame for 4-5 mins.
  • After 5 mins, switch it off and let it cool down completely.
  • Once it is done, use a soft cloth or tissue to wipe away the excess oil.
  • Store the product in a dry place.
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